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Indie Pop




There's a lot of music in the list I sent you, and not too much chance that you've heard it all, or even most of it. Hence this handy guide to artists and songs of particular interest to me that through a variety of circumstances you might have missed. This is not intended to be an exhaustive list of everything that I own that is Good Music.

It is instead a compilation stand-out tracks and artists, and hopefully ones that you'll a)enjoy and b)use as guides to find other music that you might also enjoy. This is a work in progress, so some things on it will occassionaly change, and certainly descriptions will become more fleshed out in time.

Under the Alt-Country banner, you can expect to find reviews of the likes of Bobby Bare Jr, The Old 97's, Uncle Tupelo

The Alternative section will probably be the most familiar, so I'll be more interested in putting in tracks that you might not know about rather than entirely new artists. Think deeper album tracks, b-sides, things from EP's and songs from when before they were famous

Brit-pop ought to be pretty self-explanitory, although it should be noted quite early on that there'll probably be more rock than pop. What I hope will be of particular interest are The Long Blondes, The Pipettes and Lucky Soul.

Indie Pop. Well, I probably could entirely dismiss the "indie" portion of the title, and lump this in with Brit-pop, but that'd be easier. Also, less fun. The Submarines might very well have made my favorite album by a couple, ever.

Folk is where the Mountain Goats play.

Why make an other category? Laziness.