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Chainsaw Kittens - An overlooked 90's era alternative band. Not only do they have a cool Rock meets Fuzzy Happiness style name, their lead singer has a wonderfully non-standard rock voice. Pop Heiress is the best of a collection of good albums. Edwyn Collins - I've only heard one album from him, and I'm almost afraid to hear another; Gorgeous George is an amazing alt-pop album hitting just about everything perfectly, having just the right amounts of polish and edge with, intelligent lyrics and solid musicianship K's Choice - A band from Belgium who mostly play fairly standard alternative music. Other than Sarah Bettens' slightly smoky voice and these two stand out songs, there isn't a whole lot else to highly praise in their catalouge, but if these work for you, the rest of their stuff is quite competently done. Mazzy Star - Mazzy Star excels at the slightly fuzzed out slow embers of songs. Hope Sandoval's voice is just amazing. Liz Phair - Her self titled album might be a bit of an abomination when seen through the eye of the rest of her catalouge, and I have no opinion on her newest, as I haven't steeled myself enough to pick it up. Her first and third, though, were excellent moving from raw and impassioned to polished and wiser without losing too much fire. Placebo - I'm not quite sure that I ought to put them on this list. My hesitation has nothing to do with whether they belong, for they do, but their subject matter isn't very all ages friendly. In the end, whatever. They're a good band and these songs are either literate or pointing out certain dangers. Smoking Popes - They're not the most musically adept band, but their lead singer has a great voice and they craft very solid songs. Almost purely power-pop/punk-pop, they excel at shorter songs that they seem to tear through. I've not been able to gather any sort of taste for their earlier stuff, though; it lacks style and substance. Matthew Sweet - Another artist like Edwyn Collins who put together one absolute gem of a record, and while I do own another one of his, I can't give it a fair listen Girlfriend is just too strong an effort. Tegan and Sara - Twin sisters front this band. They're from Canada, whatever that might mean. They've also been featured on Grey's Anatomy. that dog. - A quartet that moved from punk roots to a more polished pop sound while embracing the violin at every step of the way.