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Ditty Bops - A folky, finger-picky duo, with songs full of old-timey goodness. All these songs are from their first album. Leonard Cohen - He writes lyrics that are poetry and trusts his melodies to carry a tune, and not have instruments carry the melodies. He's an underappreciated treasure. It has been said that if all you hear is a sad man singing alone and you don't like it, that's all you'll ever hear, because that's all there is. I hear layers of lonliness, attempts at redemption, solitude, intelligence and beauty. Some people just hear whining. The Mountain Goats - This band might be a little odd at first listen. Stick with them, the songs are full of good lyrics and some interesting melodies. The Be Good Tanyas - I'm not certain whether they ought to be properly placed here or under the Americana heading, but they sure make a sweet sound. I've only gotten into them since mid-March, so my knowledge of their catalouge is cursory, hence all the covers.