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The La's - One album was all they gave us and it's not enough, but at least we got one.

Aimee Mann - The lead singer of the 80's band 'Til Tuesday (their biggest hit: Voices Carry) who got much, much better when she went solo. She has a simple voice that she knows how to use with precision and her writing, both musically and lyrically is fantastic. The Magnetic Fields - Stephin Merritt is a genius. He writes gem after gem after gem of pure pop songs that take the conventions and more throw them against the wall and rearrange them than just shaking them up a bit, and his lyrics are clever without being twee. Their magnum opus, 69 Love Songs is a three disk set that has maybe one or two losers out of 69 songs. Mojave 3 - They have two great, one mediocre, one bad and one album that I haven't heard. They're mostly soft and sad, with a terrible beauty to their songs. The Postal Service - Ben Gibbard, lead singer of Death Cab for Cutie, also sings for this band, who've not gotten nearly the airplay that they deserve or that Death Cab has gotten. The Submarines - They have a great story about how their band formed, but you'll pick up on it by listening to the record and the music's better. The Weepies - I like the Weepies, but I don't often remember how much. They're more than just a pleasent forgettable pop band, but that's precisely the type of music they make.